2010 World Championships, Moscow, Russia

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2010 World Championships, Moscow, Russia (picture by Jay Hammond compliments of Amatuer Wrestling News)

A well run tournament by the Russians, but I feel that this tournament could be run in 3 days with more mats and fans. The number of spectators during the week was low. Greco and Women's Freestyle drew little fans. It may have been because of work and time. The event takes all day just for a few weight classes. They run the weight class from beginning to the eventual Gold Medal match each day.

Team USA didn't wrestle well and out of all the styles only Women's Freestyle came away with 2 medals. Both wore ASICS.

Team Canada had pretty much the same story and in Womens Freestyle came away with 3 medals, 1 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold.

The real bright side of the tournament was that the presence of ASICS was huge. Because of ASICS Corporation's agreement with FILA, large banners and 2 working booths were at the event, which made it evident that ASICS is a big part of Global Wrestling. The teams that were wearing ASICS uniforms were, Russia, USA, Japan, Canada, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Switzerland, Mongolia, Belarus, and many of the countries also wore ASICS shoes which had been wearing adidas in the past. USA Wrestling and Canada were very happy with the quality and look of their singlets and warmups.

The buzz was all about ASICS and even though the USA didn't win many medals, ASICS grabbed a lions share.

We now have the best wrestlers in the world wearing ASICS products. The Russians. Out of 21 possible chances to win a medal, Russia won 16. That is amazing. Almost half of them were Gold.

Overall a tough tournament for the USA, Canada. USAW is trying to find answers about what they have to do to get more medals. Not an easy task. We wrestle a different style, but we have to learn how to wrestle by the FILA International rules better. Hopefully before the London Olympics.

~Nick Gallo


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