Mat Rack Systems

TW Promotions, Inc. has worked with RESILITE Sports Products since 1958, the year we became one of their very first distributors. After having personally moved and delivered their mats for many years, we decided to launch a series of products which would address the inherent difficulties in handling, transporting and storing them. More Info

The first Mat Rack was designed, patented, manufactured and sold to Deer Park High School, in Deer Park, NY. in 1985, and the second was sold to Lindenhurst HS in Lindenhurst, NY shortly thereafter. Both of these original products are still in use today! The Wall Rack and Mat Mate were introduced over the next several years. With those three products in the market place, the Mat Rack System was born!

The dictionary defines a system as “a combination of related elements organized into a complex whole”. Our products have been efficiently designed and manufactured to interact in this very same way. They work together seamlessly: they’re simple to use, require a minimum amount of manpower to operate, protect your mats from being damaged, and will provide years of trouble free service. We purchase the finest parts and materials, and are so confident in the quality of our racks, that we offer an unprecedented three year warrantee against defects in workmanship and manufacturing. All units may be custom sized to meet your specific needs.

Please take a few moments of your valuable time to view the streaming videos, which show our products “in action”. Once you do, we’re sure you’ll see all the many benefits the Mat Rack System offers your school district. We literally have thousands of satisfied customers across the United States and beyond, and we’d be more than happy to provide them as contact references. See some of their comments throughout our site.

Model MB9: The Mat Basket® Cheerleading

The MB9: Mat Basket® system was designed to store and transport 9 lightweight cheerleading mat sections (for 7 section wrestling or gymnastic mats view this …

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MB7 Mat Basket

Model MB7: The Mat Basket® Wrestling & Gymnastics

The Mat Basket® system was designed to store and transport 7 lightweight wrestling or gymnastic mat sections (for 9 section cheerleading mats view this link). …

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Wrestling Mat Racks

Model MR3: Winch Loaded Mat Rack®

Suspending three mat sections in a triangular configuration minimizes the size of this mobile unit.

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Model MR3-M: The Manual Loaded Mat Rack®

Designed for the budget conscious purchaser, this product gets your mats up off the floor where they’ll be safe and secure.

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Model WR

Model WR: Wall Rack™

Effective use of storage space is the hallmark of the Wall Rack™ . It was introduced in 1989 to meet the need for a stationary rack that utilizes as little wall and floor space as possible.

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MM1: Mat Mate

Model MM1: Mat Mate™

The Mat Mate™ was introduced along with the Mat Rack in 1985 because there were no high quality, single mat section transporters available.

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Model RW: Resi-Wheeler

Model RW: Resi-Wheeler™

The Resi-Wheeler™ was designed to move mat sections over long distances and low lying obstacles.

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TW Promotions: Mat Rack Accessories

Mat Rack® Accessories

All of our Mat Rack System accessory products have been designed to protect your wrestling mats, allow for easier handling, and extend their life between reconditioning.

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Mat Rack® System Videos

Please take a few moments of your valuable time to view the streaming videos, which show our products “in action”.

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