Model MM1: Mat Mate™

The Mat Mate™ was introduced along with the Mat Rack® in 1985 because there were no high quality, single mat section transporters available. It continues to be the premier product for that purpose. Our exclusive Lifting Handle provides the necessary leverage to transfer your mat from the floor to the Mat Mate™ frame, and our Rubber Glides along the frame side make sure your floors can never be damaged. Six, heavy duty, smooth rolling caster wheels allow you to effortlessly move your mat sections anywhere you wish to take them, even through a standard sized single door. Our lightweight design means it’s simple to handle, and it perfectly compliments both Mat Rack® system and the Wall Rack® system. It has a shipping weight of 100 lbs., and can be assembled in less than 20 minutes.


  • Holds one mat sections, 14’ long and 32” in diameter
  • Fabrication: 11 gauge, zinc plated steel
  • Frame size: 32" wide, 16" high, 8.6" long
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Six 2", polyurethane, double caster wheels, each with a 175 lb. capacity
  • Request a quote, or call 631-588-4343 for pricing

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