Model MR3-M: The Manual Loaded Mat Rack®

Designed for the budget conscious purchaser, this product gets your mats up off the floor where they’ll be safe and secure. It’s the lower portion of our Model MR3, and it requires four adults to load your mat sections. Two lower sections rest on the frame, and the third settles on top of and in between the lower two. It’s a very effective product for both transportation and storage. The upper frame of Model MR3 may be purchased as a future option should you ever wish to load your mats with the winch mechanism. The Manual Loaded Mat Rack® system has a shipping weight of 450 lbs., and can be assembled and ready for use in about 1 hour.

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  • Holds three mat sections up to 14’ long & 32” wide each
  • Fabrication: 14 gauge, zinc plated steel
  • Frame dimensions: 4' wide, 32" high, 17' long (approx 5'6" wide loaded)
  • Weight: 400 lbs.
  • Four 5" non-marking, polyurethane caster wheels, each with a 1200 lb. capacity
  • Request a quote, or call 631-588-4343 for pricing