Model WR: Wall Rack™

Effective use of storage space is the hallmark of the Wall Rack™. It was introduced in 1989 to meet the need for a stationary rack that utilizes as little wall and floor space as possible. Because the three sections are stored in a vertical line, the lower mat section only protrudes approximately 4’ from the wall, which allows room for all your other physical education equipment. The winch and loading procedures are identical to our Model MR3. This unit permanently attaches at four points on the floor and four points on the wall, so you can be certain it will never move. Customized sized units are popular with this model. It’s perfectly complimented by our Model MM1: the Mat Mate™, as that unit will deliver mat sections to and from the storage and competition areas, with no lifting. The Wall Rack™ has a shipping weight of 750 lbs, and can be assembled, installed and ready for use in about 4 hours.

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  • Holds three mat sections up to 14’ long & 32” wide each
  • Fabrication: 14 gauge, zinc plated steel
  • frame dimensions: 3' wide, 9'11" high, 17'8" long (approx 4' wide loaded)
  • Weight: 650 lbs.
  • Request a quote, or call 631-588-4343 for pricing