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My partner & President / CFO Nick Gallo, National Sales Manager John Cummings and I headed out on a road trip to the RESILITE factory in Northumberland, PA on Tuesday morning, October 26th.  Nick and I last visited here 6 years ago with the same intention of better understanding the company and renewing friendships we"ve maintained since the late 1970"s.  John had never visited RESILITE before and, as he"s been with TW Promotions, Inc. just 3 years, it was important that he join Nick & I to continue his development as a key employee of TW Promotions, Inc.

RESILITE is a very unique company in today"s globalized economic environment. Every product they manufacture and distribute is made in America by American workers.  Their 60 employees have been with RESILITE an average of 15 years, some more than 40!.  With so much of our country"s labor and manufacturing being outsourced oversea"s now, it"s rare to find a company with an experienced local workforce dedicated and committed to excellence like this in the USA anymore. How lucky we"ve been to represent their unique product line in the NY Metro area for so many years!

Our tour began in the graphic design office of Mr. Travis Green.  Travis creates all of the wonderful graphics depicting what your mats and wall padding will look like prior to manufacturing.  Once he"s done, and the design has your approval, it moves along with your school purchase order to the Order Entry Department overseen by Mrs. Miriam Stahl.  Miriam began in 1965 as founder Warren Tischler"s secretary and is still going strong. The paperwork is processed inside RESILITE"s sophisticated software system and then moves forward to the Shipping Department headed by Mr. Gene Strohecker. Shipping department? Before even being manufactured?  Yes, that"s because manufacturing is coordinated to line up with the shipping schedule, as the vast majority of RESILITE"s product line is delivered in their own trucks by their own employees, greatly lessening the likelihood your mat might be damaged. Next we moved on to Ms. Jenn Gilbert, the Production Supervisor who schedules the assembly times and spray room dates for the creation of your new mats. This whole process generally takes 4-8 weeks [including delivery] depending on the time of year your order is placed.

A very satisfying aspect of working with a company like this is their willingness to take on difficult and challenging jobs.  You just don"t see that effort being made by other companies in this industry. They can accomplish this because of an ongoing and consistent reinvestment in the latest technology and in the continued retraining of their workers. There is no better example of this than in the Gymnastic Product Division headed by Mr. Mark Kessler.  Mark collected his staff and allowed us the opportunity to introduce ourselves as we"ve been known to push the limits of their creativity with our unusual requests!  We then toured their manufacturing area which is shown and identified in the photos below.  Please note that you are looking at state of the art equipment which in some cases is designed, manufactured and used exclusively by RESILITE.  This is to insure customer satisfaction (Job #1!) and expedite a quality controlled manufacturing process.

We wrapped up our visit on Wednesday, October 27th with a luncheon and golf outing at the beautiful Hemlock Links Golf Course under sunny sky"s and 70 temperatures. This was a perfect ending of a highly successful visit with our long time friends at RESILITE Sports Products, Inc.

~Neil Duncan


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