Wrestling Mats & Wall Padding

RESILITE Mats - as RESILITE’s exclusive New York Metropolitan area distributors since 1958, we bring many years of practical, technical, and old fashioned hands on “know how” into this area of our business.  More Info

We’ve personally done every phase of the mat business, including picking up and delivering mats in our own trucks; transporting them to our factory in PA for reconditioning; delivering and installing all types of protective wall padding; designing floor mat and wall padding layouts; installing Puzzle Mats and weight tiles; reconfiguring and repairing wrestling mats; etc, etc. That type of long term experience means we actually are experts in these areas, far more so than any of our competitors. Most companies use subcontractors for their jobs, and the mat business is merely an additional service they provide. It’s no wonder so many schools do not receive the best quality and service they are paying for. TWP uses our own in house employees to perform all of these services. They’re all factory trained and certified in all aspects of the work they’ll be performing for you. And, the owners personally supervise every job to be sure the work is up to our very particular specifications, ensuring we’ll exceed your expectations every time!

RESILITE Digi Print Technology

Using exclusive DigiPrint technology, RESILITE is able to print high definition, photo realistic graphics and images on mats and wall padding. Resilite’s talented graphic artists …

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Are you tired of wasting time and money taping your wrestling mats? RESILITE Sports Products now offers a better solution in the RESILITE Zip Mat! …

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Wrestling Room Renovation

Many of the wrestling rooms / auxiliary gymnasiums in the New York metropolitan area were constructed in the 1960’s and are in serious need of …

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Wrestling Mats

TW Promotions, Inc. is the exclusive New York metropolitan area distributor of the RESILITE wrestling mats and has been since 1958.

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LiteWeight Mat

RESILITE Sports Products set out on a mission to manufacture a mat that combined the exclusive hot-spray painted RESILITE surface with the ease of use, …

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TW Promotions Slot Back Wall Padding

Wall Padding

RESILITE Sports Products has manufactured the highest quality protective wall padding on the market for over 50 years. TW Promotions, Inc. has proudly represented the …

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Wall Padding Refurbishing

At TW Promotions, Inc. we understand tightening your belt in the current economic climate and that is why we have developed an innovative way for …

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TW Promotions Wrestling Mat Reconditioning

Reconditioned Mats

A typical RESILITE mat will last over 20 years if it’s been reasonably cared for. A great way to ensure this kind of longevity is to have it reconditioned periodically.

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Wrestling Mat Tape

Mat Accessories

All of our Mat accessory products have been designed to protect your wrestling mats, allow for easier handling, and extend their life between reconditioning.

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Rubber Weight Tiles

Weight Tiles

We offer both interlocking and straight cut tiles, in a wide variety of colors and styles. No job is to big or to small.

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RESILITE Sports Products, Inc.

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