Reconditioned Mats

7A typical RESILITE mat will last over 20 years if it's been reasonably cared for. A great way to ensure this kind of longevity is to have it reconditioned periodically. We recommend an inspection within 5 - 7 years of purchase which will determine how the sections are holding up. If you see any paint peeling off, or the surface is cracking, you can be fairly certain it's the right time for an assessment.

Your mats will be taken to our climate controlled factory in PA where they'll be unrolled and inspected. Our reconditioning process includes:

  • Repair of all cuts and gouges
  • Seam evaluation and repair
  • Mat Recoating (both sides)
  • Reapplication of official markings
  • One do it yourself repair kit
  • One year quality guarantee

Also consider custom services offered:

  • ***Microban Coating (see below)
  • Two or Three tone color schemes
  • Lettering-multiple fonts available
  • Insignias
  • New tubes and straps

This is also a good time to consider dividing your mat into multiple sections for easier handling.


TW Promotions Wrestling Mat Reconditioning

Rocky Point HS Before

TW Promotions Wrestling Mat Reconditioning

Rocky Point HS After