Wall Padding Refurbishing

At TW Promotions, Inc. we understand tightening your belt in the current economic climate and that is why we have developed an innovative way for schools to save money. With our new Wall Padding Refurbishing service there is no longer a need to replace your old and worn vinyl covered wall pads. Instead we will remove, recover and reinstall your existing pads making them look brand new! We have twelve 14 ounce vinyl colors available. Allow us to save you thousands with our new Wall Padding Refurbishing service. Below you will see pictures of  the work we recently completed at Garden City High School and Levittown Division High School. To the right you will see what Athletic Director Keith Snyder had to say about the Wall Padding Refurbishing we completed at Levittown.  Contact TW Promotions, Inc. today for a free on site estimate!

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