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Why TW Promotions?

Why TW Promotions?

TW Promotions products are built with the finest parts and materials, so much so that they are covered by an unprecedented 3 year warrantee against defects in workmanship and manufacturing. Units are customized to meet a range of mat section sizes.

I’ve been involved in athletics and the sport of wrestling for over 37 years. As a coach, educator, and now an Athletic Director, I appreciate products that stand the test of time (durability), save me time (usability) and save me money (cost). The Wall Rack accomplishes all of these. It’s well built, easy to use, and I am confident it will extend the life of our wrestling mats.

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With products ranging from Mat Baskets and Mat Racks to Athletic Mats and Wall Padding to Mat Accessories, TW Promotions is the one stop shop for all your athletic mat, mat transport and mat storage needs.

Mat Baskets, Mat Racks & Accessories

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