About Us

TW Promotions, Inc., a spin-off from Universal Fitness Products (UFP), began operations in 1988 under the guidance of William “Bill” Farrell, Nick Gallo and Neil Duncan.

TWP invented, patented and introduced The Mat Rack System, a series of wrestling mat handling, storage and transportation units, which have been distributed throughout the United States and abroad since 1986. Since 1958, we’ve been closely associated with the ASICS America Corporation.  This was the year Bill Farrell began importing the first Onitsuka TIGER wrestling shoes into the United States.  Our relationship with these three entities all revolves around the sport of amateur wrestling, and all three founders have long histories as very successful competitors, coaches and promoters of the sport.

Mission Statement

To constantly update and develop TW Promotion’s existing line of goods, while searching for new concepts and ideas to keep us the unquestioned leader in the industry.  As the owners of TW Promotions, Inc., Neil and Nick worked together for almost 40 years, and their philosophy has never changed, that is, to provide the highest quality athletic merchandise the market has to offer.  With these great products as their foundation, plus a terrific service team, TW Promotions stand behind their products, and ensure that customer expectations are not only met, but exceeded.  They welcome suggestions from their customers to improve their products and services.