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We can’t thank you enough for the job you did on Tommy’s playroom. We have such peace of mind knowing he is safe when he runs around. Having significant special needs, he is not steady on his feet. Tommy often trips and falls, and unfortunately on more than a few occasions has banged his head into the walls.

We searched around for padding companies and learned that not many were willing to take on such a small job. We are thankful to you and your company, accustomed to doing big jobs like wrestling rooms, and college gyms, for recognizing this need that exists. You carefully listened to our unique concerns and designed a plan to address each of them. Your colleagues, Mack and Brian, also took the time to learn about how Tommy uses this room, and fabricated and installed padding with expert precision. They clearly wanted this job to come out perfect—and it did!

If you ever meet another family with similar issues and would like to show them the job, our padded door is always open.”

With gratitude,
Mike and June Sayers