Model MR3: Winch Loaded Mat Rack®

“Buying the Wall Rack and Mat Rack couldn’t have been an easier process with the help of Nick Gallo & Neil Duncan @ TW Promotions. Those two make a fantastic team and certainly have made my life easier with moving and storing our mats. Both are fantastic pieces and worth every penny! The Wall Rack takes up virtually no space at all and is the best way to stack your mats given limited storage area. If anyone can find an easier and safer way to move three sections of mat at once I’d love to see it as the Mat Rack System is phenomenal.”

Josh Mangle
Ursinus College


Suspending three mat sections in a triangular configuration minimizes the size of this mobile unit. It’s most often used to deliver your mats to the competition area, off load them, and then stand by for pickup and removal at the end of the event. With a loaded dimension of 5’ 6” wide, 6’ 5” high and 17’ 8” long, it move’s through a standard sized double door, and fits into most storage closets. The 5” diameter caster wheels operate effectively on any smooth, hard surface, and two to three people can roll it in any direction for any distance. Our winch is easily operated by one adult with minimum effort. The Winch Loaded Mat Rack® system has a shipping weight of 700 lbs., and can be assembled and ready for use in about 2 hours.

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  • Holds 3 mat sections up to 14’ long & 32” wide each
  • Fabrication: 14 gauge, zinc plated steel
  • Frame dimensions: 4’ wide, 6’ 5” high and 17’ 8” long (aprox. 5’6″ wide loaded)
  • Weight: 600 lbs.
  • Cables: 7 x 19 galvanized aircraft cable. 7000 lb. Test
  • Four 5″ non-marking, polyurethane caster wheels, each with a 1200 lb. capacity