TWP-1 Wheeler

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The TWP-1 Wheeler was designed to move mat sections over long distances and low lying obstacles. Many school districts use these to transport their mats from school to school. Once loaded, a mat section can be moved by one person.

  1. Designed to support and transport Classic or lightweight mat sections over short or long distances
  2. Excellent tool when setting up tournament mats
  3. Constructed of strong tubular steel mounted on 16” non scuffing rubber wheels


  • Holds one mat section, 14’ long and 32” in diameter
  • Fabrication: 1″ hollow tubular steel
  • Frame size: 22″ wide, 18″ high, 62″ long
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Two wheels

See our Introduction To The Mat Rack® system Video for a glimpse of this great product.