The Mat Sack™

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All of our Mat accessory products have been designed to protect your wrestling mats, allow for easier handling, and extend their life between reconditioning. 



The Mat Sack™ protects your valuable mats. Many school districts find that their mats are often damaged when being moved, or by vandalism. The Mat Sack solves those problems.

Each Mat Sack is made with a tough, 18 oz. vinyl coated nylon fabric, and they come in a variety of school colors for you to choose from: navy blue, royal blue, yellow, red, green, tan, orange, gray, black.

They’re made in three sections, each 14′ in length, and each has five velcro mat straps sewn in. Custom sized sections are available upon request. Simply roll your mats up tightly (be sure to use your cardboard mat tubes), and then secure with the straps.